CRC Rust Coverter 18418

CRC Rust Converter 18418


Dry Time Fully Dry: 24 hrs
Dry Time Tack Free: 1 hr
Evaporation Rate: Slow
Unit Size: 1 Quart Bottle
Unit Height: 7.5 in
Unit Width: 2.5 in
Unit Depth: 4.75 in


• 1 x CRC Rust Converter 18418

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CRC Rust Converter 18418

CRC Product - CRC Rust Converter 18418

A unique fast drying milky white vinyl/acrylic coating that is applied to any rusted metal surface in order to stop rust in its tracks. It neutralizes rust and converts it to a tough, black primer in one easy step.

Ready to use – no additional mixing or chemical additives required. Instantly stops rust. One easy step – neutralises rust and converts it to an excellent tough black primer. Long lasting – protects surfaces for years. Seals out moisture – prevents future erosion.

Vehicles, trailers, railings, bridges, equipment, overhead cranes, pipelines, storage tanks, transmission towers, fences chairs, tables, dumpsters, etc… offers all kinds of chemical products from lubricants, grease, cutting oil, threading oil, air compressor oil and more for your home and industrial usage.

More CRC Chemical Solutions product range for your choices.

To learn more about chemical products, visit W Hong Guan Hardware Sdn Bhd for more information.

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