KDS Pro Dura Double Sided Measuring Tape 7.5m

KDS Pro Dura Double Sided Measuring Tape 7.5m

Technical Data

Body Materials: ABS Plastic Case
Blade Width: 25 mm
Blade Length: 7.5 meter / 25 feet
Type: Double Faced Scale
Coating: Dura Coating
No of Rivets: 4
Manufacturing Country: Made in Malaysia

Scope of Delivery

• 1 pc x KDS Pro Dura Double Sided Measuring Tape 7.5m
RM 37.00
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16/07/2024 - 21/07/2024

KDS Pro Dura Double Sided Measuring Tape 7.5m

KDS Hand Tools - KDS Pro Dura Double Sided Measuring Tape 7.5m

KDS measuring tapes are of world best accuracy in classy and compact design! Rule marking specification / graduations are available in BG (EEC), JIS / Japan Industrial Standard (metric), and imperial ME (metric & inches).

• Popular size pocket tape with Dura Coating technologies
• Featuring a unique KDS Double-lock system, pulling up on the lock tab for easy brake, while pushing down engages the full lock
• DURA coating , Dolouble-faced Scale, 4 rivets
• Blade width: 25mm
• ERGONOMIC DESIGN insures this tape measure is easy to grip, easy to hold, and non-slip in wet conditions. The highly durable ABS case is covered in rubber, protecting the inner mechanism, the tape, and the overall construction..

• VERY SMOOTH, RELIABLE TAPE for both extension and retraction. The inner mechanism has superior design and parts so it won't break down. If you've used tapes that got stuck or wouldn't unwind, you know just how important this better inner mechanism is..

• THIS IS A SOLID CHOICE for the pro's and do-it-yourselfers that is looking for durability. Wider Blades, Better Standout and a Bigger Hook.

• THE BLADE IS ACRYLIC COATED ON BOTH SIDES to give you a tape that won't break, crack, or split. You can bend it, crimp it, run it around corners, even get it stuck between boards from time to time and this tape just keeps working.

• STRONG STOP BUTTON keeps this tape from slipping while you make your measurement markings. Makes work go much faster with fewer frustrations..

KDS is a well-recognized global player in construction hand tool industry, with prime strengths in measuring & cutting tools. We strive to increase our global presence through independent distributors worldwide. 

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