Riland ARC Welding Machine MMA200E

Technical Data

Model: MMA200E
Power voltage (V): 1 PH, 220 V ±15%
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Rated input current (A): 25.5
Output current adjustment (A): 25-140
Output voltage(V): 21.0-25.6
Duty cycle (40℃): 15%
No-load voltage(V): 54
Power factor: 0.73
Efficiency: 80%
EMC grade: A
Insulation grade: F
Housing protection grade: IP21
Dimension: 204 x 87 x 146 mm
Weight: 2 kg

Scope of Delivery

• RILAND welding machine MMA200E
• Inverter power source, include an 220V input cord with power plug
• Stick electrode holder, 1.8m cable with Euro plug
• Earth clamp, 1.2m cable with Euro plug
• Shoulder strap


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16/07/2024 - 21/07/2024

Riland ARC Welding Machine MMA200E

RILAND Welding Machine - Riland ARC Welding Machine MMA200E

Economical, Excellent, Affordable, Portable, Extremely Small Package

• Use the latest high grade IGBT technology.
• Wide range input voltage: 220V±15%.
• Intelligent protection for over-loading and over-heating.
• Anti-stick function built-in, preventing against over loading the unit and easing removal of the electrode.
• Non-stop welding for 2.5mm electrode, can welding 3.2mmdiameter electrode.
• Compact and portable (2Kg) with adjustable shoulder strap.
• Suitable for home use, maintenance, installation, etc. requirements.

Control Panel

Simple and easy to understand front panel design, just only one knob for welding current pre-setting. Two indicators for work status display.

RILAND has great range of welding solutions for your selection RILAND Welding Machine to enhance your projects.

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Weight: 2 kg
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