Riland MIG Welding Machine MIG271GW

Technical Data

Model: MIG271GW
Power voltage (V): 1PH AC 220 V ±15%
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
No-load voltage (V): 61
Rated input current (A): (MIG) 51.6 | (MMA) 49.3
Rated input power (kW): (MIG) 11.3 | (MMA) 10.8
Output current: (MIG) 40-250 | (MMA) 40-220
Duty cycle (40℃): 30%
No-load voltage (V): 55
Wire speed (m/min): 3-13
Power factor: 0.73
Efficiency: 80%
Suitable wire dia. (mm): 0.8/1.0
Housing protection grade: IP21S
Dimension: 472 x 253 x 485 mm
Weight: 21 kg

Scope of Delivery

• RILAND welding machine MIG271GW
• Inverter power source
• 3m MIG15 gun and cable assembly
• 300A Earth clamp, 3m cable with Euro plug
• Hose
• Hoseclamp


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Riland MIG Welding Machine MIG271GW

RILAND Welding Machine - Riland MIG Welding Machine MIG271GW

Economical, Excellent, Flexible,Professional

• Advanced IGBT inverter technology.
• Dual welding process: MIG & MMA.
• Arc Trait (Inductance) adjustable.
• External wire feeder with voltage and current adjustable.
• DigitalMeters - Voltage and Amperage previewand hold capability.
• Polarity change function to weld flux¬cored self¬shield wire as the front panel show.
• Auto-Adaptivearcforceandhotstart current.(For MMAfunction)
• Adaptto15kg wire spool.
• Dust-Free cooling system, enhance higher Duty Cycle.
• Intelligent protection:over¬voltage,over¬loading andover¬heating.
• Power source with protect corner, more durable.

Control Panel

Simple and easy to operate, you can choose MIG or MMA process. Under MIG mode,wire feed speed and welding voltage can be preset. Arc Trait(inductance) adjusted depend on welding current.

RILAND has great range of welding solutions for your selection RILAND Welding Machine to enhance your projects.

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Weight: 21 kg

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