Star-M No.5 Combination Short Auger Bit


Usage: Wood
• Electric Power Drill
• Cordless Drill
• Quick Change Impact Driver (Less than 19 mm)
Material: High Carbon Steel
Re-Sharpen: Yes
Marking: Hexagon

Size 13 mm 16 mm 24 mm 25 mm
Overall Length 120 mm 130 mm
Spiral Length 70 mm 80 mm
Shank Shape 6.35 mm Hexagon 10 mm Hexagon
RPm Range Less than 3000 rpm Less than 1500 rpm


• 1 x Star-M No.5 Combination Short Auger Bit

RM 22.00 - RM 44.00
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06/06/2023 - 11/06/2023

Star-M No.5 Combination Short Auger Bit

Power Tools - Star-M No.5 Combination Short Auger Bit

• Burr-free lead screw for quick, on-target starts & smooth cutting.
• 39mm and larger utilize double spurs and double twists for minimum resistance.

How to re-sharpen?

Sharpening the cutting edge
1.Hold the bit as shown at approximately a 45-degree angle. Place the file at a near-horizontal position, making sure it is flush with the cutting edge.
2. Touch the left edge of the file to the bit's spine, which will be used as a guide. File forward repeatedly only. Do not file in reverse.

Sharpening the spur
1. If the spur has any burrs, lightly file them to create a clean edge.    
2. Hold the bit so the side of the spur is facing up. Place the file flush with the spur. File with a smooth forward motion.

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